Tom Hobson Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home

Tom Hobson Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home
Tom Hobson's solo album;
"Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home"
is now available for the first time
on Compact Disc! Digitally remastered
from OOP vinyl by Eric Van der Wyk
(a division of King Tet® Productions)
This rare and long out of print album features
Tom Hobson in 1984 singing and finger-picking
solo guitar on some of his favorite songs,
including 5 original tunes by Tom Hobson.

This album was recorded in two five hour sessions at Mobius Music
in San Francisco.  All cuts are finger-picked and neither capo nor
picks were used.  Highest praise to Oliver DiCicco and Annette
Oleson of Mobius for clean sound and solid professionalism.
Thanks to Steve Campbell for artwork and album design; to Sammy
Nobles for support and knitting, and to David Salmanowitz for
producing enough.

  1. Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home (Mercer-Arlen) 3:41        Click here for MP3 audio!
  2. I Been Treated Wrong (Washboard Sam and Barbecue Bob) 3:04
  3. Grandma's Gone Down Yonder (Tom Hobson) 2:27
  4. Pleasure Garden (Tom Hobson) 3:31
  5. Crazy Rhythm (Irving Caeser-Joseph Meyer-Roger Wolfe Kahn) 2:32
  6. Napoleon (P.G. Wodenhouse-Jerome Kern) 2:26
  7. Gonna Live The Life I Sing About (Thomas A. Dorsey) 3:16 
  8. Everybody's Got The Blues But Me (Tom Hobson) 2:32
  9. The Cock-eyed Mayor of Kanikiki (R. Alex Anderson) 2:07
  10. I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You (V. Young-B. Crosby-N. Washington) 3:07
  11. Got The Blues, Can't be Satisfied (Mississippi John Hurt) 3:35
  12. The Club El Bologno (Tom Hobson) 3:29
  13. The Return of the Branded Man (Tom Hobson) 3:34
  14. The Music Makers (Don Raye-Harry James) 3:10

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